Steps On Renting a Wedding Gown in Singapore


Bridal Gowns in Singapore – Renting Services

Due to the cost, the designer wedding gowns are not affordable to all. So, what if you do not have enough spare money, and yet want to look great on your wedding? The answer is quite simple; you can rent a wedding gown in Singapore. Getting a gown on rent is a cheaper and a clever way to save some extra money, by considering the fact that most of us wear the wedding gowns once. So, if you are in Singapore, and are looking forward to rent a wedding gown, then here are the steps you should follow in order to get the best gown according to your choice.

1. Fix your budget

The most important thing that you must consider before looking for a wedding gowns rental in singapore is the amount of money you want to invest on it. After fixing the budget, you can look for the shops and the designs you are fond of, and which are in your budget.


2. Search for the places from where you can get a gown on rent

You can either search the internet or the local shops nearby to get a wedding gown that not only looks good on you, but also provides good value of money.


3. Shortlist the places by considering the variety and designs available

Shortlist two or more places before you finalize the wedding gown for yourself. If possible, crosscheck the price of the designer gowns available. This will help you to get the gown at the best possible price.


A Simple Guide For Your Wedding Day‏

Do you know that you have to put in a lot of time and effort to plan for your wedding? Have you form visuals in your mind how your big day is going to be? Your wedding is going, and is, to be the biggest and most awesome day in the days that you have lived. Plan properly and it will not go wrong, you really don’t want it to go wrong. You need to plan it properly.

What is your budget like?

Never have a wedding you cannot afford. Set a realistic budget with which you can work. This allows you to determine what you can or cannot do. You will also be able to work toward funding your wedding account once you determine how much you need. Unless money has been offered, do not assume others will pay your bills.

where is your wedding ring???

Set the date early and you will avoid a lot of troubles. Why? Because having dates will help to solve a lot of problems, like your wedding bookings of the wedding venue, the confirmation of the caterer or chef, or anyone who is providing food. The live wedding musicians that you booked, the guests so that they can make it for your wedding…

You see, having dates are so important that it will help you greatly. Also, it gives you a timeline so that you can prepare and plan, and not over work yourself.

Your wedding venue, have you thought of where you want it to be? Do you want to hold it in a beach? A hotel? By the pool? By the garden? With animals? Horses? Live acts? Live music? There are a lot of ideas, so make sure and go online and do your well research, ask around friends. It is definitely worth it and you will not regret it.

Wedding Favours? 3 Fusing Method For More Creativity!‏


So, you are on your next step in your wedding planning! What is one important item at the wedding? Wedding favour of course! There are so many different ways of coming up with those wedding gifts, it’s so complicated. Below, we fuse 3 different kinds of ideas for them.

Wedding Favours

Read on to find out!

Do It Yourself Hands On Wedding Favours

Wedding favours don’t need to be extravagant nor very expensive especially if you have a tight budget. If you like crafts and working on paper, this idea is bingo for you. You can purchase materials at a very low cost online. Use popular shopping websites to source for materials which you can use it and make them yourselves.

Prior to that, remember to search using social media to look for different ideas which you can use. Then use shopping websites to source for materials to actually make them. To let the guests participate and be more involved with the wedding, you can actually let the guests make the wedding favours themselves. This will surely let the guests have a lasting impression of the wedding event and the useful personalized gift they made for themselves.

This is a great idea because it is a very good way to let the guests interact with the wedding, as well as a great way to cut costs. This will also add on a personal and unique element to the guests. Don’t be surprised that with accurate planning, low budget weddings can be awesome and bring the best experience to guests.

Do it yourself wedding gifts is an easy way too and it can be accepted by everyone from your family to friends, and there is a very personalized unique touch. Have your interest come in. Use paper cuts, craft works, DIY photo frames, baking cupcakes, whatever your interest is, you can come up with unique favors with this idea.

Beach Theme with Hawaiian Feel

Everyone loves beach wedding. Everyone also likes the Hawaiian feel. The sun, warmth and energy Hawaiian brings. It is a nice theme to prepare. The beach wedding theme has become more common in weddings recently. Add on from the Hawaiian touch to the decoration and the general feel of the whole wedding which blends in the color of white, light brown and sky blue creates a sense of peace and love, bringing the nature of the sea into the wedding as well.

So, from this, you can also have the theme derive to the Hawaiian wedding favor. Think about the theme and how the wedding favor can complement with your wedding. A lone Hawaiian or beach themed wedding favor can go along with the fusion beach and Hawaiian wedding theme. It can create an additional summer beach flavour, adding on to the general feel.


Through the way the venue and the presents that you are giving to your guests, those unique and special ideas can be released from it. Make it into a gift worth keeping for the guests.

Flower Themed Wedding Favours

Using flowers, it will add an element of class and gracefulness to the favour. The colourful flowers will also represent many different meanings depending on the colour of it. So please check out the meaning of the colours before using it.

Flowers also represent freshness, beautiful and pretty. That is why you see it so often in a wedding. Flower petals on the aisle, brides holding bouquets of flowers, bridesmaids wearing it on their ears, decorations are filled with flowers, centerpieces, chairs sashes are filled with flowers and many many more.

Pick a flower that is significant to you and you can use it to identify your wedding. This can then be matched with the wedding favours and is in tuned with the general whole wedding theme.

Flowers gives out an ambience of cozy and warmth feel of love. A relaxed holiday feel is also presented. You can use this at the wedding reception table, the guests’ banquet centerpiece to link to the wedding favour, to have a theme for it and guests will see and feel this unspoken feeling.

Wedding favours like tea bags, candles, flower seeds, or anything small and delicate and practical can definitely go with the use of flowers. If you and your partner are visual people and likes colourful events, hopefully this idea can spark more ideas for you.